Argument: Faith is an evolved genetic trait that aids social stability


Retrieved from “” – The common factor amongst all religions are that they are all brought about by DNA codes that instruct the release of endocrinological excretions or brain juices that mesmerize us into hankering after and believing in the existence of a powerful and unique deity. My theory is that over 3 or 4 million years, clans were, and are, the successful basis for the development of humanity. The glue that kept clans together evolved because of the success of the closer-knit clans and was the origin of those

DNA transported behavioural manipulating endorphins and dopamines that make us gregarious and feel happy and loved as part of
the group. The existence and success of a clan, like all subsequent group organizations, depends on its leadership around which it can crystallize into its efficient pyramidal form. And it is this innate hankering after a satisfying leader that is a genetic imperative so strong that, in the physical absence of a sufficiently charismatic or powerful leader, the brain chemicals will prompt you to create and latch onto a mystical imagined or heard-of leader. This latching on, or conversion, or seeing the light, concludes the search and triggers the primitive addictive drug-like religious euphoria induced by dopamine and endorphins released by the genetically instructed commitment to allegiance. The imperative to search for a strong leader around which to coalesce was and is at the very core of our existence and it is deeply imbedded in our very souls. And in the absence of a sufficiently satisfying and charismatic leader we will replace him with an imagined one – and if this imagined leader’s existence and omnipotency is confirmed by others of the clan we will follow him. Our faith in him will bond us and we will fight for his cause – to the death if need be. This genetic instruction is so deeply imbedded in our pre-logic souls that the acceptance of a leader, be it God or Allah or Christ or Mohammed or Hitler or Che Guevara, (or Mugabe) is such an intense and primeval orgasmic brain juice kind of thing that our latter-day logical ability is outweighed and overridden and we are overcome with the fervent and passionate white light of religious conversion. We reinforce our faith at least once a day by going on our knees to experience the confidence and the calmness of knowing that we are loved and will be cared for. And once a week we congregate with others of the same ilk and in confirming his existence and singing his praises we induce the release of feelings of warmth and awareness that further bonds us to Him and to each other. Without something to believe in, a vast portion of our soul is left empty, a dark void and a hellish dark feeling of depression will surely follow. I know, I’ve been there. But each one of us must find our own salvation. And, being a slave like most of us to our DNA demands, my way was to create a creator whose name is Logic and is busily creating us. And the basic message of my chosen faith is that somewhere in the future all will be revealed. All we need is faith in the eventual outcome. The whole creative process is so obviously awash in logic that the eventual outcome must surely be wonderful. The above from my (JF de Villiers)publications “The Origins of Passions” (1994) and “The Venus Code” (2006)

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