Argument: Establishing a republic in Australia is inevitable

Issue Report: Australian republic vs. monarchy

Supporting quotes

  • Cassandra Gelade. “Is the Republic inevitable?”. June 7th, 1994 – “In a word Yes. As to whether the Republic will be achieved sooner rather than later is simply a question of education, time and the degree of political literacy amongst Australians. One of the essential differences between a Republican and a Monarchist is that Republicans believe in Australia and the Monarchists believe in an anonymous institution twelve thousand miles (19000 km) away. [See the rest of the article]
[…]It was at the turn of the nineteenth century when the Australian Constitution became an issue. The first convention was held in 1891 and attended by a delegation of appointments by the colonial governments. The issue of Federation then faded into political obscurity and the same arguments were put forward as they are today – that there were more urgent matters to attend to. It took the will of the people to overcome the rhetoric of politicians and to make Federation happen. If Federation was inevitable than so of course is Republican.”