Argument: China is justified in seeking to modernize and assimilate Tibet

Issue Report: Tibet independence

Supporting quotes

  • “Adrian Hamilton: The Chinese will never compromise over Tibet”. The Independent. April 10th, 2008 – “Their determination is not multiculturalism but the total absorption of the country within mainland China. Everything that China has done – the settlement of nomads, the building of road and rail links, the control of trade, the investment in raw materials and the insidious inducements to intermarriage is directed towards making Tibet another homogenous part of the Chinese nation. To the Chinese, this is all perfectly logical and, it has to be said, almost universally accepted. To them, the Tibetans should be grateful for everything that the Chinese have done in increasing investment, opening up transport links and encouraging immigration. If, as one official put it, the Tibetans have been left behind by the growth of Han Chinese businesses in Tibet, it is not because of exclusion but because they are ‘lazy’ and in thrall to an outdated feudal church hierarchy. China is offering them “freedom”, freedom from want and religious credulity.”