Argument: 2010 bailout is a matter of EU solidarity

Issue Report: Greece bailout


“EU visit starts in Greece, Stark says no bailout.” Reuters. May 2010: “What happens in one member state affects all others, especially as we have a common currency, which means we have a common responsibility. The euro currency area is a “monetary zone of complete solidarity.”

“A Tool for the Economic Crisis: A Single European Treasury”. Juan I. Crespo. October 2009 “Fighting the economic crisis is not proving easy for anyone. It will be even less so for Europe if, when a member state needs help there is no central body to give it, an institution able to issue public debt, one that can guarantee the debt of a state in difficulties, one that is the centre for inter-territorial compensation, and one through which, in short, a giant leap can be taken toward developing a European conscience and sense of common nationality.”