Argument: Serbia was not a true democracy

Issue Report: Democratic peace theory

Supporting quotes

  • List of possible exceptions to the democratic peace theory – Wikipedia “Serbia did not fulfill the criteria for a liberal democracy. Frequent and arbitrary changes of election laws and districts occurred, even retroactively after elections. Press freedom greatly restricted. Slobodan Milosevic’s regime controlled the state television and radio broadcasts. Electoral manipulation including: massive double voting, “voting” of persons being permanently absent or deceased, the pressure on employees by the management of “;socially owned companies”, organized planting of already prepared voting ballots into the polling boxes, forging of electoral records and election board records, alteration of the election results made by electoral commissions, the large-scale annulment of the election results by courts rulings, and changing the number of participating voters in order to fulfill the legal requirements for the validity of the elections.”

NOTE from a different editor: Please do follow the given link and try to find the given qoute. I could not find it. What is written above stands but should be treated differently and some data corrected which I will not do until somebody else chechs the validity of the given qoute.
Things to be changed: Serbia to Yugoslavia if the author of text is talking about the Pre-Yugoslavic Wars period, war period or the period shortly after the war before the remnants of Yugoslavia were renamed to Serbia and Montenegro