Argument: There are numerous examples of countries reserving their right to name a traditional product only from their country

Supporting Evidence

  • Margaret L. Wickes, “A Toast to the Good Life:Exploring the Regulation of Champagne”, April 2003 “In situations of reciprocal interests, the United States has granted special protection for certain geographic designations. For example, the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) bestowed legal recognition to Tequila at the urging of Mexico.75 Only products made in Mexico and under the proper rules may be marketed as Tequila in the United States. Also, the United States conferred protected status to Roquefort cheese, a sheep’s milk blue-mold cheese. Only cheeses produced in Roquefort, France, may be labeled ‘Roquefort’ in the United States.76 Potentially, given the proper circumstances, the protection afforded Tequila and Roquefort cheese could be extended to Champagne.”