Argument: Term limits undermine voter liberties to choose

Issue Report: Term limits for legislators


The Democratic congressman from Maryland, who has received backing on his measure from some Republicans, says that in a democracy “the public ought to have the opportunity to retain or reject” politicians. Hoyer said in April 2005, when he introduced a congressional resolution on repeal, that overturning presidential term limits would restore to the American people “an essential democratic privilege to elect who they choose in the future.”[1] Essentially, term limits put a limit on the people’s will. Democracy should expound what the people want, not put limitations on the people’s desires.

Term Limits – Voter’s Guide: “for the lazy stupid voters it creates change for people who don’t care enough to find out what the issues are or have the self control to not vote for the incumbent. Term limit laws are an acknowledgement by the voters that they are too dumb to make an informed decision at the ballot box.”