Argument: Support for Kosovo independence will reduce Muslim resentment

Issue Report: Kosovo independence


  • Charles A. Kupchan, “Independence for Kosovo,” Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec 2005 – “Kosovo’s situation is unique: its independence, and even its partition, is unlikely to trigger further unraveling in the Balkans. With or without the territory north of the Ibar, Kosovo’s independence promises to stabilize Macedonia by forestalling the radicalization of its ethnic Albanians and neutralizing Albanian extremists throughout the region. Even if it does not, it is Macedonia’s treatment of its Albanian minority that will do more to stabilize (or destabilize) the country than developments elsewhere. And although ethnic tensions continue to bedevil Bosnia, its future, like Montenegro’s, will be little affected by Kosovo’s ultimate political status or boundaries.”
  • The Alliance for a New Kosovo argues on no specific date that, “At a time when deep divisions have been perceived between the Muslim world and Western nations, the creation of a secular, Muslim-majority state in Europe that respects and is fully integrated with other ethnic communities would be a positive step. Support of and alliance with an independent Kosovo would be further evidence that the U.S. and EU are committed to specific governance and human rights values rather than hostile to the Muslim faith or people.”


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