Argument: People would never want their own pets tested; why other animals?

Issue Report: Animal testing


Matthew Scully, author of “Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy.” in an interview with the National Review Online. December 3, 2002 – “Our family had a dog at the time, too — Lucky. He was a beautiful, noble creature, and taught me to love and respect animals. To my mind it seemed an obvious problem: I would never want Lucky to be treated that way. Why on earth should these other creatures — animals of comparable feeling and intelligence — be treated that way? A dog is not the moral equal of a human being. But a dog is very definitely the moral equal of a pig, and its only human caprice and economic convenience that say otherwise. I thought then and believe now that there is a fundamental inconsistency in granting kindness to one while averting my eyes from the suffering — the man-made miseries — of the other.”