Argument: One-party rule helps a government respond to crises

Issue Report: Divided government vs. one-party rule


“The hypocrisy of the ‘One-Party Rule’ Gambit”. Informed Comment. 28 Oct. 2008 – Well, first of all, having one party in control of the White House and Congress could have the benefit of allowing them to unite to get something practical done about the financial crisis (remember that one?)

Linda Feldmann. “Ups and downs in history of one-party rule”. Christian Science Monitor. 28 Oct. 2008 – For Senator Obama, should he become president, the most relevant historical example is President Franklin Roosevelt, says presidential historian Robert Dallek.

“We were in dire straits,” says Mr. Dallek. “As Roosevelt said himself in his first inaugural, ‘This country is asking for action and action now.’ That’s what he gave them. In the first 100 days, he passed 15 major pieces of legislation. He couldn’t have done it unless he had a crisis and strong party support.”

Obama, too, appears poised to push initiatives in a range of areas, including a second economic stimulus package, healthcare reform, changes to tax policy, and energy reform. He has also pledged to begin, right away, the process of withdrawing US troops from Iraq.