Argument: Kosovo is an historic part of Serbia that should not grow independent

Issue Report: Kosovo independence


  • M. Bozinovichand. “Kosovo Independence: A Costly Supposition”. April 10th, 2004 – “As opposed to a colonial region that Albania was to Turkey, Kosovo is an integral part of the Serbian state and Serbia’s sovereignty over it is a deed of existential ownership against which costs of maintaining are subtracted. In other words, to a sovereign state, a province has value against which costs of running it are subtracted. Therefore, recognizing independence of Kosovo would have to clear a myriad of complicated value issues in order to have Serbia sign off on its deed.”
  • Raju G.C. Thomas. “The Case Against Kosovo Independence.” Japan Times Online. Jan. 3, 2008 – “Moreover, Kosovo’s demographic transformation over the last 100 years, when Albanians overtook the local Serb population, partly reflects an influx of Albanians from Albania — for decades a political and economic basket case, owing to Enver Hoxha’s hermetic communism. At the same time, many Serbs have left Kosovo since before and after NATO’s intervention in 1999, whether fleeing from Albanian violence against them or simply lured by better opportunities in Serbia proper.
Serbia’s claim to Kosovo is, to Serbs, far stronger than Russia’s claim to Chechnya, China’s to Xinjiang, India’s to Kashmir (a claim still disputed by Pakistan), and the Philippines’ to the island of Mindanao. All of these are provinces with Muslim majority populations that are part of non-Muslim majority states.”


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