Argument: Handguns should be banned due to their uniquely dangerous concealability

Issue Report: DC handgun ban

Supporting quotes

MR. DELLINGER: What is reasonable about a total ban on possession is that it’s a ban only an the possession of one kind of weapon, of handguns, that’s been considered especially — especially dangerous.”
[…]”MR. DELLINGER: But it’s the — the court protects weapons suitable for military use that are lineal descendants. I don’t know why an improved bullet wouldn’t be covered, unless you adopt the kind of reasonableness standard that we suggest, where you look to the fact that — and I don’t — some people think machine guns are more dangerous than handguns — they
shoot a lot of people at once — but a handgun is concealable and movable. It can be taken into schools, into buses, into government office buildings, and that is the particular danger it poses in a densely populated urban area.”

Supporting videos

DC Chief of Police Cathy Lanier is a Totalitarian Stooge. March 18, 2008.[1]