Argument: China is providing enhanced subsidies and assistance to Tibet

Issue Report: Tibet independence

Supporting quotes

The government will take further action to improve the production and life conditions of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen, and regard their income increase as a priority task in Tibetan economic and social development.
The central government will add investment to Tibet, and by theend of the 11th Five-Year Plan period, almost all the Tibetan farmers and herdsmen will find the problems solved involving drinking water and using electricity.
The government will continue to enhance infrastructure construction in Tibet, extending the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, reconstructing the main roads connecting Tibet and surrounding regions, accelerating the construction of airports, as well as improving the energy, postal, and telephone services during the next five years.”
To further accelerate Tibet’s economic and cultural construction and attain the target of a comfortable lifestyle for most Tibetans, the Central Government will continue to offer great support to Tibet. State-invested projects in Tibet have been established and written into a development program. The construction projects include the following:
  • to develop the drainage area of the Yarlung Zangbo, Lhasa and Nyang Qu [Nyang Chu] rivers, to enable growth in agriculture and light industry.
  • to build a pump-storage power station in Lhasa.
  • to rebuild the Qinghai-Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet, Nagqu-Qamdo [Chamdo] and China-Nepal highways.
  • to expand the Gonggar Airport in Lhasa.
  • to build a modern post and telecommunications centre in Lhasa.