Argument: Arming Libyan rebels violates UN resolution and i-law


“Arming Libyan Rebels. Stupidity Unchained.” Red State. March 25th: “as Libya is under an arms embargo, this would be a technical violation of UNSCR 1973 but as we’re already trying to bring down the regime in violation of UNSCR 1973 violating an arms embargo seems like small beer to me. The real question is how would supplying the rebels with weapons achieve the goals of UNSCR 1973, which is to reach a political settlement between the rebels and the government. Fortunately, there is an easy answer. It can’t.”

Chris Strohm. “5 Reasons to Arm Libya’s Rebels … and Another 5 Reasons Not to.” National Journal. March 22, 2011: “3. It May Not Be Legal. Questions have arisen as to whether it is even legal to arm the rebels at this point, as an arms embargo has been placed on Libya. “In the U.N. Security Council resolution passed on Libya, there is an arms embargo that affects Libya, which means it’s a violation for any country to provide arms to anyone in Libya,” former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters March 8. “It would be illegal for the United States to do that.” Due to that interpretation, another U.N. Security Council resolution might be needed to allow arming the rebels.”